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What Did I Just Do?

Recently the Lord gave me a Word for his people for a Sunday service. To be honest the Word God gave me I applied to my life first, as He reminded me to Count my Blessing and name them one by one. We as believers know we should be doing this everyday but we tend to forget sometimes as life happens and we get beat down, dragged and enticed with other seemingly important things. In my sermon one of the points I emphasized was on keeping the right perspective in our lives.


Come Follow Me

“To follow = To surrender”

This is for anyone who has a daily struggle of being a control freak. You want to handle everything YOUR way. You always have to plan ahead. You make lists. You get things done! There ARE plenty of benefits to having this quality. BUT sometimes we get so wrapped up in wanting everything to go how we want it that sometimes we tend to forget to let God lead. Not only do we forget to let God lead, but sometimes

we  don’t fully follow His lead even when He does. As I struggle with letting go of the control I want to have over my own life and surrender it all to He who has such a perfect plan for our lives –


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